Cosmetic Dentistry

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You may have heard the song “When You’re Smiling the Whole World Smiles with You.” It sounds like a cliché, but studies have actually proven that when someone smiles, it can improve the mood of everyone in the room! How would your life be different if you had a bright, confident smile that you’re proud to share? With modern cosmetic dentistry, the possibilities are endless for your smile.

In the past, changing the appearance of your smile meant several visits to the dentist and costly investments. Today, we have a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments that are fast, effective, and conservative. In many cases, Dr. Lecours can make drastic improvements in just one visit. For example, chairside teeth whitening can remove years’ worth of stains caused by coffee, tobacco, and certain medications. We can also close gaps, repair chips or breaks, and correct minor misalignments in just one or two visits.

As a general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lecours has an eye for aesthetics that he will apply to your smile. He will partner with you, listening to your concerns and desires, to create a custom treatment plan. If you’ve been considering a smile makeover, visit Dr. Lecours for a consultation and learn more about modern cosmetic dentistry.

The team at our Hearst, Ontario dental office has made patients of all ages smile for two decades. Call our Hearst dental office today on (705) 372-1601 to reserve checkups or consultations for your family. With 5-star service and a commitment to excellence, Hearst dentist Dr. Gilles Lecours and our team look forward to becoming your preferred dental healthcare providers.

Last Updated On 2021-10-16