About us

Our office is designed to make you comfortable while we provide state-of-the-art dental care. Dr. Lecours continually invests in professional training for our team, so we can bring you the latest technology and procedures.

Technology & Procedures

* Digital X-rays : Our digital radiography system exposes patients to about 80% less radiation and provides detailed, immediate images for chairside review by the dentist and patient.
* Computerized Operatories: Immediate access to information, like records, digital images, and dental history, allows our team to serve you efficiently and effectively.
* QuickSleeper: An electronic anesthesia delivery system safely administers comfort-enhancing medication throughout dental procedures.
* Oral Cancer Screening: A full screening of the mouth with a device allowing us to see the variations of tissue discoloration and abnormal
* Sleep Apnea Machine and Testing: This machine allows patients to sleep within their own comfort of home while being tested for sleep problems.

Our team has met patients of all ages smile for two decades. Call our Dental Office Today at (705) 372-1601 to reserve checkups or consultations for your family. With 5-star service and a commitment to excellence, Hearst dentist Dr. Gilles Lecours and Our Team look forward to becoming your preferred dental healthcare providers.