Examination & Diagnosis

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Complete Examination

Every so often, time gets the best of us and we forget about our oral health. We understand how maintaining is not always easy and we at Dr. Gilles Lecours are here to sit with you to have a look at what can be hiding in between your teeth and in your mouth to provide you with your proper treatment.


Digital X-Rays

Digital X rays are a new way to take X rays. It is fast, comfortable, incredibly precise and uses less radiation than the traditional ones. It allows us to see what we can’t see with our naked eye and it can be enlarged to show you too!


Emergency Examination

Lets be honest, nothing beats having a toothache! That is why, squeezing you in our schedule as fast as possible is one of our top priorities. We want to help you find the cause and relieve you of your pain.


Panoramic X-Ray and Cephalogram X-Ray

A Panoramic X ray is a two-dimensional X ray of your entire mouth in a single picture. We often use this for a wisdom teeth examination or an orthodontic consultation.

A Cephalogram is an X ray that show your head profile. It allows us to evaluate the teeth and jaw relation, jaw and skull relation, growth in children and much more. This X ray is more commonly used for orthodontic consultations and TMJ examinations.


Oral Cancer Screening

Identafi is a three-colored light system that helps us evaluate the soft tissue of your mouth. If you have any concerns with a spot, we will be glad to have a look and see if any biopsy or follow-ups are needed with your family doctor.


Sleep Apnea Examination

Are you snoring, having any discomfort in your jaw or waking up tired? You may be suffering of a sleep disorder. We understand that having a sleep disorder is difficult to diagnose by yourself since you are sleeping. That is why at our office, we are here to help you diagnose your disorder and we also have an in home test that you can try.

For more information, we can provide you with our pamphlet at our office.


Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a pen-sized, camera tip wand that takes pictures or videos of your mouth. Ta Dam! Your mouth on screen. This may be gross for some but it does motivate your oral hygiene care.

Last Updated On 2021-10-16