Therapy Dog

Kaybee the therapy dog
Kaybee is our office therapy dog. She is an Australian Labradoodle, bred and selected for animal-assisted therapy. Not only is Kaybee friendly, gentle and calming, she is also hypoallergenic!
How is Animal-Assisted Therapy Helpful?
Research has shown that therapy animals can have a positive physiological impact on humans in stressful situations. Patients experience lowered blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health,release of endorphins that have a calming effect and resulted in reduced physical pain.
Other observed benefits included decreased depression, improved communication skills, reduced anxiety and increased motivation for change. In addition, therapy dogs can form a reassuring, non-verbal and tactile comfort, which can be extremely helpful for adults and children alike. We know that many people have fears and anxiety related to dental treatment, at the Lecours Dental, we aim to make your experience as calming and comfortable as possible.
What if I am allergic to dogs or not a dog person?
Kaybee is a hypoallergenic Labradoodle, which means she is unlikely to cause allergies in most people. If youare highly sensitive or concerned that you may be, or not interested in animal assisted therapy, do not worry! – We have designated Kaybee hang out spots as well as Kaybee off-limit spaces, so you can rest assured not to find her if you so choose. If you have any questions or concerns; please don’t hesitate to contact us.